deCODE connects top engineering students with engineers from high-growth companies for two days of hacking.


deCODE gets you behind the curtains of your favorite companies, and code with the engineers on real projects. With only accepting the top 3% of applicants, we'll set you up with everything you need - just come by ready to hack away with a team of awesome programmers.


"It’s like nothing I’ve attended before, it’s high-quality people working on interesting technical challenges with really cool companies"

- Ismail Syed, deCODE '16 Participant, Shopify team



Meet some of Canada's brightest students and easily network with company engineers and recruiters.


Learn about company culture and technology first-hand through collaboration and lightning talks.


Work alongside and learn from programmers who have been vetted through our rigorous application process. 


Companies we work with



Upcoming dates:

 fall 2020 (DATE tbd)



  • The people who got selected were awesome. Just awesome.

    deCODE, November 2015

  • I like how it was organized, as well as the menu. The startup I worked for had great mentors who were willing to not only help during the hackathon but also after if anything they could assist with.

    deCODE, April 2016

  • The fact that it was a cooperative environment, the people were very friendly, and I learned a lot."

    deCODE, November 2016

  • In a short span of time the way, we got a taste of whole software development life. It was different and interesting than plain coding.

    deCODE, November 2016

  • Imagine an interview with a chill startup and a hackathon had a baby - that’s deCODE.

    deCODE Participant, November 2015

  • Great place to meet top quality talent. I would’ve really benefitted from this experience as a student.

    Bilal Ahmad, Amazon Software Engineer, April 2016

  • A remarkably effective way for companies to connect with, engage, and recruit young software talent.

    Allan Wille, Founder & CEO of Klipfolio Inc, October 2016







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What is deCODE?

deCODE invites selected hackers to work alongside company engineers from high-growth tech companies to work on challenging and interesting technical challenges. 

Our thesis: 'There is nothing like working with someone to get to know them'.

Students meet companies first-hand, by working through a challenging problem with the company's engineers.

Plus students end up with a cool project to add to their portfolio.

Companies see students in action, coding and working in a team. Just like the real world. Not like an interview or career faire.

We're tackling the technical interview process, we know it's broken. And want to change the way it happens.

So we provide that opportunity, for awesome ambitious hackers that want to learn, and awesome companies that want to hire them.


Who can participate?

Anyone with coding knowledge can apply, however, only selected hackers will be able to participate.

Selected students will be notified a few weeks prior to the event.


How much does it cost?

Gratis (FREE) :)
Admission and participation is free, and covers the food costs, lodging and swag for the two days of hacking.


Do you offer travel reimbursements?

Yup! Send your receipts to after the event, and we'll either send you a cheque or e-transfer - your call!


How big are the teams?

Students will be placed in teams of 7, and will be accompanied by engineers from their selected company.


Do I get to keep the project after the event?

Hell yeah! We always try to ensure the workshops are as non-confidential as possible.

(It's not free labour)


What should I bring?

Your talent and laptop.


How do I attend?

Go ahead and apply for next upcoming event(Fall 2018), stay tuned for dates.

We'll be sending out acceptances closer to the dates of the event, so keep an eye out for our emails!

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