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Know 5 people who know how to code? Awesome! Get a deCODE T-shirt

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But if you're a real superstar and know 10 people then you could be taking home a PS4!

The odds are in your favour. Think of how many people will actually work to get 10 referrals? You could win that PS4 by a landslide!!

How it works:

1. Tell your friends about it, refer so hard!! 

2. Make sure they write your name in the referral box of the application

3. Check your referral status every night to see where you stand.

4. Wait, refer some more, and WIN BIG!! 

What are you waiting for? Text, facebook msg, tweet, call, yell across the campus even.


Montreal, you only have until the 25th! GO! 

Toronto, you have a little bit more time.... GO!!!



Join the deCODE Team(Toronto & Montreal)

(and get to show off your skills to companies like Electronic Arts and TripAdvisor)

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Or maybe start by learning a little more about us.


Our Story

The year is 2015, Andre Bouzout, student at the University of Ottawa, looks around his city and realizes he’s surround by startups. Startups—these amazing, innovative things but so mysterious. They’re full of smart, driven people who are passionate about creating impact, changing the world, and solving problems--- but what do they do each day? What are their biggest challenges?

What are the people in a Startup like? What are they focusing on? What keeps them excited to work so intensely?

What if you could work with a startup for a day? 

deCODE is the answer to that question. And a lot of late night chats with his buddies Shaun and Felipe, lots of coffee and random Google queries. In order to bridge the bridge the gap between students and startups, Andre, his friends, Sam and Phil teamed up and created deCODE — a fun and crazy hackathon where the barriers between startups and students are forgotten.

From Then To Now

Since 2015, deCODE went from

  • 20 to 70 students!
  • 2 to 8 companies, and
  • 1 to 3 cities: Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

Over the years, we've built a network of inspiring and growing startups, and talented students. The deCODE hackathon is a meet-up for those who want to connect with these groups and tap into the Startup World.


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The workshops at deCODE are structured to allow tech companies to pose a design challenge to a cross-domain team of students, and let the students collaborate towards building a solution.

— JEAN-PHILIPPE DAIGLE, Technical Manager at TripAdvisor


Becoming a Campus Ambassador

It's all because of you that deCODE is a success year after year!


The Perks

  • You chose the company you want to be paired with at deCODE. And we have cool ones like TripAdvisor and Electronic Arts.
  • Free attendance and travel sponsorship.
  • Extra swag!!
  • The coolness factor :)

The Responsibilities

  • Promote deCODE on your campus
    • Put up posters
    • Talk with the student clubs
    • Facebook posts
  • Answer the questions of your fellow students

do it!


Who'll Be There?