deCODE connects companies and students through interactive workshops where students and company reps combined tackle real-world problems. Below are examples of what previous sponsoring companies have cooked up.

Fall 2016 Edition


Ever notice you don't get any credit for shopping at your favourite Shopify store multiple times? That's exactly what Shopify challenged their students to do, using their language of choice, Ruby on Rails. Students created a simple tool to allow store admins to easily manage and track store credits, while automatically rewarding frequent shoppers to encourage future purchases.



Bored? Go ahead and ask Amazon's voice service Alexa, "what's happening tonight?", to be given a quick summary of all the events happening in your vicinity. Students created this 'skill', using NodejsJavascript, and access to the Eventbrite API, where they pulled information on local events.



You.i, back for their third deCODE, challenged their students to use their seamless engine to redefine entertainment. That's where they came up with the idea for a Vine search engine, which used hashtags to find the most popular videos related to the search queries, and create a continuous loop of videos.



If you've ever used Kijiji, you'd know how easy it is to post an ad and sell your items. Well the second-hand purchasing platform asked their students to make it even easier, and provide support for '1-click ad posting'. The final product was an Android application which let users snap a picture of their item and uses the Google Vision API to gather relevant information to generate an ad. 



Wealthsimple is known for their simple, smart, automated stock market investing, but what if you're investing to save and not to earn? That's exactly what they asked their students to solve, by creating a vacation investment widget which can be built into Wealthsimple's cloud application. The goal was to help users plan their trip's finances and set an automated monthly investment, to eventually be able to make that trip to Honolulu. 

Banking OAUTH reconstruction (Toronto)

For Wealthsimple to work, users have to log into their online banking account using Open Authentication to provide access to their cloud application. The startup challenged their set of Toronto students to recreate the functionality of their OAuth service for 5 different banks, and incorporate a revamped, sleek, elegant design.



Klipfolio is widely known for their data analytics dashboarding service that they provide through their cloud application. Using dummy data, the startup asked their students to create an interactive time-series graphical visualization, much like they do themselves. This was done using Javascript, HTML/CSS and a charting library called Chart.js.


Managing multiple investments is difficult, especially when the metrics and data are not centralized. CoVenture, an early-stage VC firm, wondered if their participants could handle creating a dashboard to handle portfolio company investments, keep track of their financial status, and always have a net profit metric displaying. They were soon to realize yes - they definitely could.

Spring 2016 Edition

Business Dashboard Software for Everyone

Monitoring several platforms at once for key performance indicators (KPIs) is vital for tracking the health of a business. Klipfolio's students were tasked with designing a web-based alerting system that integrates with Slack, Twitter, SMS, smart watches and webhooks, to notifiy a user when predefined conditions occur. All in near-real-time.


Everyone uses photo-editing apps, but you get to create your own. Students created a nifty web-based photo editor that supports all the basic operations like luminosity adjustment or contrast, on top of storing revisions history.

The web is about to change forever

Like a challenge? Perfect, we do too! PageCloud challenges you to create a website analytics dashboard using log data stored in Amazon's Elasticsearch service —a visitor's geo-location, visit duration, and behavior on a website.


Powered by You.i Engine, students will be paired with developers and designers in an all out push to create something entirely new: a cross-platform app to deliver Khan Academy videos à la Netflix. The layout should be clean and simple, and allow users to navigate through videos and play them.

Making the Smart Home a Reality

We want to create a web interface that allows users to view pre-recorded video in an easy-to-understand way using MPEG-DASH (a relatively new protocol for video access) and Dash.js. We'll use Kanban and go from idea to requirement capture to UX spec to scoping to development.

Fall 2015 Edition

The World’s Most Renowned Travel Website

Build a restaurant search engine from the ground up using Elasticsearch: design & coding, with TripAdvisor Engineers.

Revolutionizing the TV experience

For the first time in the company's history, outsiders were introduced to You.i's custom cross-platform app development engine. Participants coded a simple game in C++ using the engine.