Code & design 1:1 with
Google for 48 hours

deCODE is a curated community. The best students & grads in Canada work 1:1 with engineers and designers from top companies.

🇺🇸 Flagship Hackathon | Sep. 4-5th, 2021

🇨🇦 Flagship Hackathon | Sep. 23-24th, 2021

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Companies that deCODERs have worked with

Companies of deCODE Spring '21 (March 4-5th)

Partnered with leading hackathons across Canada

Work with the best companies to get hired, receive mentorship and build your portfolio.

Maria Sitkovets

deCODER Spring '21

Maria Sitkovets

deCODER Spring '21

It's a great place to meet top quality talent, work with them first-hand, and measure the student's attitude and aptitude. Back when I was a student, I would have really benefitted from an experience like this.

Bilal Ahmad

Mobile & Cloud Computing

This is the second time Shopify has participated, both times we've had a really awesome experience and made direct hires from the event

Lauren Cauchy

Intern Program Recruiter

How it works

1. Apply

Apply in less than 5 minutes, 4:35 mins to be exact. We ask all the questions you know the answers to (schools, skills, etc.). No trick questions.

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2. Teams Formed

We assess your application anonymously. And the ‘we’ means industry veterans in engineering and design assess applicants potential. We match you to a company based on:
1. Your preferences
2. Company preferences
3. Where we see a best fit

3. Build Together

After being accepted you are then matched up with a company in a small team of 8 per company. Each team is comprised of 6 engineers and 2 designers. Company reps will be building 1:1 with you over 48hrs.

Perks of Attending

One of the easiest ways to get hired.

Companies are there to work with you firsthand on an open source project. No whiteboards, awkward interview questions, or screening-calls. Just good old fashioned coding and designing.

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Receive Mentorship

Get matched with a small team of other attendees and company reps from a high-growth tech company.

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Build Your Portfolio

You own the project you build. It’s open source, not free labour :) Walk away from deCODE having built a project with companies like Shopify, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.

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Build With World Class Companies

Build with real software engineers and designers at the top companies in the world. Use industry grade tools, APIs and technology company employees using on a day to day basis.

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Network with best engineers & designers in Canada

Not just anyone can attend deCODE, it's a strict application process of vetting. You are working some of the best people we could find through-out the country.

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Frequently asked questions

What is deCODE?

deCODE is not an ordinary hackathon. Rather, it’s your opportunity to work 1:1 alongside engineers and designers from high-growth tech companies. Together you work on an exciting and interesting technical project presented by the company. Meet companies and see their inner workings first-hand by working through a challenging project with the company's engineers and designers. End up with a cool project to add to your portfolio. Companies see you in action, coding and designing in a team. Just like the real world. Not like an interview or career fair.

Who can participate?

Anyone with coding knowledge and design skills can apply, however, only selected hackers and designers will be able to participate. Selected students will be notified a few weeks prior to the event.

Can I keep the project I work on?

Heck yeah! We always try to ensure the workshops are as non-confidential as possible.

Costs to attend?

Admission and participation is free, deCODE 2021 will be taking place virtually. The catch is that it’s not easy to get into, so... make sure your application is fire.

How big are teams?

Students will be placed in teams of 8, composed of 6 engineers and 2 designers. Each team and will be accompanied by engineers and designers from their selected company.

What should I bring?

This year deCODE is taking place virtually, so just have a good internet connection :) We’re even covering food via Uber Eats so don’t worry about cooking.