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🇨🇦 Flagship Hackathon | Sep. 23-24th, 2021

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No Leetcode grind
or design spec work.

Make deep relationships with top companies & work 1:1 with engineers and designers from the actual companies. Cut through the noise at deCODE to land your next internship/job.

Software Engineers
Data Scientists

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One of the best (and most interesting) parts of participating in deCODE is that you get to work with engineers from a company solving a real problem; this helps give a very practical perspective into engineering challenges that you simply cannot get at any other hackathon or school work.

Jay Dhulia

Software Engineer,
deCODER with 1Password

Paired with

It was an amazing experience.  First of all for the free Uber Eats and also the super talent engineers and designers who participate, I was blown away by everyone's project that they built. It was such a pleasure to work with my team and the engineers at the company I was paired with. I would highly recommend attending the deCODE Hackathon. Here’s a video as well 😊


Software Engineer,
deCODER with PointClickCare

Paired with

I loved my experience at deCODE, it’s such a unique experience. It’s unlike any other hackathon I’ve ever been. You get matched with a company and get to work with their engineers/designer to work on problems that are relevant to their business. I met so many cool people along the way.


Software Engineer,

Paired with

It’s my first virtual hackathon and the organizers have made it super fun and engaging. I got to meet and collaborate with amazing peers and mentors on really cool projects. I had the chance to connect and learn about different companies. I strongly recommend deCODE if you are looking to meeting cool people and work on challenging projects.

Yucen Zhang

‍deCODER with F

Paired with

It was fun and fast-pace. Everyone was very talented and passionate since deCODE has a screening process. It’s great to be able to get together and hit the ground running and brainstorm right from the start. It was great that each team had mentors involved which really helps the process to offer support and insights which is quite unique compared to other hackathons. It was a very positive experience, high energy and it’s wonderful that you have something to show for it at the end.

Lori Chan

deCODER with Lori Chan

Paired with

As a newly-minted data scientist in a competitive job market, my goal for the deCODE hackathon was to network with peers and employers.  However, it was so much more!  I had the pleasure of working with the good folks at League Inc. and a handful of the brightest young tech talent in Canada.  In two short days, I gained not only new colleagues, but also the experience of collaborating intensely with designers and developers to produce a thoughtful, beautiful, and functional web-app.

Mark Halvorson

Data Scientist,
deCODER with League

This is the second time Shopify has participated, both times we've had a really awesome experience and made direct hires from the event

Lauren Cauchy

Intern Program Recruiter

Why deCODE?

One of the easiest ways to get hired.

Companies are there to work with you firsthand on an open source project. No whiteboards, awkward interview questions, or screening-calls. Just good old fashioned coding and designing.

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Receive Mentorship

Get matched with a small team of other attendees and company reps from a high-growth tech company.

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Build Your Portfolio

You own the project you build. It’s open source, not free labour :) Walk away from deCODE having built a project with companies like Shopify, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.

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Build With World Class Companies

Build with real software engineers and designers at the top companies in the world. Use industry grade tools, APIs and technology company employees using on a day to day basis.

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deCODE is straightforward

1. Apply

Apply in a couple minutes. No trick questions. 😊

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2. Teams Formed

We assess your application anonymously. And the ‘we’ means industry veterans in engineering and design assess applicants potential. We match you to a company based on:
1. Your preferences
2. Company preferences
3. Where we see a best fit

3. Build Together

After being accepted you are then matched up with a company in a small team. Company reps will be building 1:1 with you over 48hrs.

deCODE Partners

Hackathon & Community Partners


Diversity at deCODE

Our most recent event:






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Our most recent event we didn’t not ask for race, background or identity based on some user feedback.
Since our process is annonymous we’ve been able achieved an extremely diverse participant group.

Frequently asked questions

What is deCODE?

Sorta. We’re a Hackathon but so much more, you actually can get a job out of this one.

Who can participate?

Anyone with coding knowledge and design skills can apply, however, only selected hackers and designers will be able to participate. Selected students will be notified a few weeks prior to the event.

Can I keep the project I work on?

Heck yeah! We always try to ensure the workshops are as non-confidential as possible.

Costs to attend?

Admission and participation is free, deCODE 2021 will be taking place virtually. The catch is that it’s not easy to get into, so... make sure your application is fire.

How big are teams?

Students will be placed in teams of 8, composed of 6 engineers and 2 designers. Each team and will be accompanied by engineers and designers from their selected company.

What should I bring?

This year deCODE is taking place virtually, so just have a good internet connection :) We’re even covering food via Uber Eats so don’t worry about cooking.