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Hire the best software engineers and design grads. We do all the sourcing & screening for you so you can focus hiring.

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Companies that trust deCODE to hire:

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Hire the best junior talent & build brand awareness.

"So far we've hired 1 person but we're interviewing several more that we hope to become future Leaguers"

Damein LePage

Sr. Engineering Manager
at League

"Working with the deCODE students was a great experience, my colleagues and I went in not knowing what to expect and we came away from it having watched a talented group build a real-world application on top of 1Password in an incredibly short time. The event was great fun, and we'd love to continue participating in the future!"

Connor Hicks

Staff Software Developer
at 1Password

"Participating in deCODE was a completely unique and extremely enjoyable experience. Getting to directly work with students was a great opportunity to meet some great people and have fun building an interesting product. Personally, I was able to pick up some new technologies, I think I helped teach students about some of the tech we were working with, and I know that they were able to teach me a thing or two as well! Looking forward to coming back to deCODE in the future!"

Kevin Lidstone

Development Manager
of Solace Cloud

“deCODE is a very unique experience. It was our first time participating and everything was a blast, from the event organization and logistics being hosted online to the quality of the talent. When companies are looking to get their brand out there to connect with top software and design talent, I tell them to check out deCODE!"

Yan Matagne

Senior Engineer at Koho

Perks of Attending

In 2021, the best talent comes from all backgrounds

At deCODE there are gender diverse teams and all female teams.

Our most recent event:
44.4 % Female Participants
50 % Female Mentors

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Work with Javascript, Python, etc? Web? Mobile?

Tell us your technical and cultural preferences and we find you the best talent:
Technical(tech stack)
Cultural(education, grad year, etc).

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The world runs remote

Our most recent event in Spring 2021 was online, with an NPS score of 9.2/10.

We've taken the experience of in person events and maximized it with tools like slack and Gather.town

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Work on real-world problems

Check our Previous Projects page.

There are multiple ways to present a project:
-Make a proof of concept for a product feature.
- Take project from an internal hackathon and expand on it with the participants.

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Network with top talent

Work firsthand with your team, and network with all participants working on the other teams.

Post event you have access to deCODE Talent Platform: tilter/connect with all participants based on grad year, resume and linkedin.

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Frequently asked questions

What is deCODE?

deCODE is not an ordinary hackathon. Rather, it’s an opportunity for your company to work 1:1 with a team of 8 participants. Engineers and designers from your company,  work with participants on an exciting and interesting technical project presented by your company. See talent in action, coding and designing in a team. Just like the real world. Not like a career fair.

Who is the organizing team?

deCODE is a full-time company, we spend most of our days thinking about deCODE. We're not students, so you can expect the same consistent experience year after year, we are 100% dedicate to you having the best experience possible at deCODE.

Do I only have access to my 8-person team

We have tons of networking opportunities with all deCODERs across all companies. Meaning you'll have the chance to meet many students. We also have a full scale exclusive talent platform where you get access to all participants contact info.

What about Intellectual Property (IP) concerns?

Over 5 years and 20+ companies participating, and there's never been an IP issue.
We recommend keeping the project scope broad. For students to have have the opportunity to work with engineers and designers from your company is what makes the experience unique, not the project itself.

How big are teams?

8 participants (6 engineer & 2 designers)

What do we ask for from companies?

We ask for 2 engineers and 1 designer. We provide more details with regards to the type of commitment

What should I bring?

deCODE is currently virtually, we've had Canadians join from timezones all around the world.  deCODERs are extremely excited to work with you and all we ask you to bring is a good attitude!

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