deCODE Referral Program

Know 5 people who know how to code?
Awesome! You could win a deCODE T-shirt.
Know 7 people who want to apply to deCODE?
Even better, you could win some Airpods.

But if you're a real superstar and know 10 people then you could be taking home a PS5!

The odds are in your favour. Think of how many people will actually work to get 10 referrals?
You could win that PS5 by a landslide!!

How it works

1. Tell your friends about it, refer so hard!!
2. Make sure they write your name in the referral box of the application
3. Check your referral status every night to see where you stand.
4. Wait, refer some more, and WIN BIG!!

What are you waiting for? Text, facebook msg, tweet, call, yell across the campus even